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Culinary Seductions Features

Our features are nice!

Bite of the Month
Feature Product of the Month.

Columns, stories and in depth interviews on a variety of topics from aphrodisiacs to stain removal tips.

Cooking 101 - Culinary Resources

Advice and tips, cooking temperature charts, glossary, and sexy factoids about food products that will impress your date.


We offer a variety of tested recipes from easy to difficult all with one purpose in mind, to help win your date over.


Suggestions and themes for multiple-courses, drinks, music and more.

Product Reviews

We review food and drink products, gadgets and small appliances. From beer serving robots to wheat grass.

We have short cooking lessons that are captivating on many levels.

Restaurant Reviews
Reviews of restaurants to help you set the mood right.

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A Monthly Newsletter

Summaries of new articles and member stories.

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