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10 iPhone Apps for Foodies

Technology to help you woo woman with food.

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Live to eat or eat to live? No matter which motto you choose, with the right apps, your iPhone can keep you well fed. The App Store is brimming with tasty morsels that can serve up the perfect restaurant recommendation, find you a table, or even help you whip up your own feast complete with cocktails....

In addition most of the mobile apps now available are simple timers or list-making programs, like Grocery iQ and Jott. Already, phones can hold quirky chunks of information like lists of environmentally friendly seafood, vintage cocktail handbooks and a timer for making the perfect soft-boiled egg.

From the NY TIMES

“I am equally obsessed with Apple and with eggs,” said Michael Ratledge, a British musician who designed such a timer. Called Eggy, it is just the kind of quirky, crisp little widget that has made the iPhone so popular. A warning whistle summons the cook to the kitchen to assume a ready position next to the stove, slotted spoon in hand: when the timer finally goes off, with a crowing sound, the egg is supposed to have reached the exact moment when its yolk is runny and the whites have set. For 99 cents, Eggy provides visual pleasure, edification and entertainment (including egg-related citations from English literature). “It’s not absolutely necessary, but it’s intensely pleasurable in its small way,” Mr. Ratledge said.

Check out the 10 food iPhone apps.


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