Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Brunch Date Kiss of Death

Don't do it!

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I think brunch dates are the kiss of death as a first or second date because usually brunches are reserved for friends and not romantic scenes. Unless of course it’s food for the morning after, then I am all for it.

I know that going to brunch is a common social occurrence in New York and Toronto, but it’s not a great idea to go out on a date with a gal you want to get to know better. Usually, brunch is reserved for groups of friends and comes after a morning event or just before one, such as a wedding or a sporting event. If a woman wants to have brunch with you then she probably has no intention of taking your relationship beyond the scope of friendship. Suggest a late lunch on a weekend and if it’s nice take her on a picnic or go out that evening. Romance! Romance! Romance! Make it clear to her that you want a real date and not some jerk off, “I just want to be friends” date. If this woman is not interested then pursue another cause.


In general many brunches at some restaurants and hotels serve up dishes or specials based on what is leftover from that week. It’s not exactly fresh or good.


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