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Cozy Foods to Comfort Her

You'll score huge points if you bring her food when she's sick!

Whether you’re in a stable relationship or pursuing one, a wonderful way to express how much you care is to bring your gal some great comfort food when she's sick.

Comfort foods can be subjective. However, I conducted an independent poll and found that the following comfort foods ranked highest for women suffering with colds. Not surprisingly, they’re all savory, warm and moist. Number one is the old faithful, chicken noodle soup. Soups in general are the most favorable, followed by mashed potatoes, mac 'n cheese (from the box, but only if she has a head cold), then meat loaf.

Common comfort foods for the stomach flu include: toast, ginger ale and crackers, and chicken broth. It doesn't get any easier than toast!

If your dame has a 'bout of depression, anything warm and cheesy should cheer her mood. Cheese has properties that can make women feel euphoric or orgasmic. Pizzas, grilled cheeses and warm, cheesy pasta lead off, followed by ice creams, chocolate and the classic hot fudge sundae.

If your woman has a cold or the stomach flu, remember she needs to drink lots of fluids in order to rehydrate. Bring over an assortment of Vitamin Water, Gatorade and teas (herbal teas that are decaffeinated), if you’re not sure what she may want. Also, pick up some zinc lozenges and vitamin C pills. These may help her recover a little faster. A hot water bottle can also be a nice touch, depending on what ails her.

Getting comfort food for your girl is easy. This is a situation where there's no need to cook. (Of course, if you're inspired, don't let me stop you.) But all you really need to do is get her the grub she's craving while she's sick. Find out which eatery she loves the most and get her something from there. You already know she's going to like it, and believe me, she'll appreciate your efforts.

I remember once dating this great girl who came down with a vicious cold. I could have made her chicken noodle soup, but I wanted to satisfy her needs immediately. I took to the streets of Studio City, California, driving to multiple local restaurants in search of some soup. Finally, at the third restaurant, I found her that chicken noodle soup. At first she had protested, saying I didn’t have to go and get it. However, as men should know, that is not what women really mean. If your girlfriend (or girl you are wooing) says, “No, you don’t have to get me anything,” insist on it anyway (unless of course, she's allergic or doesn't like chicken, in which case - get her a different soup!) If you can't bring it over yourself, have it delivered! If she doesn’t thank you and appreciate your considerateness, find someone else who will!

Lastly, the best sleep aid is a hot toddy. It’s 2 parts hot water to 1 part whisky, a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of lemon juice. Also remember to load up on vitamin C and echinacea yourself. She may kiss you for your chivalry, so you will need to boost your immune system even for just a nice peck!


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