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Errotic Energy Drinks?

Tantra energy.

Can an energy drink boost your performance in the bedroom? Most likely it will, but it will have different effects for everyone. Energy drinks are not something to be abused! However, when consumed once in a while they are not harmful.

What is an energy drink? Remember coffee and Mountain Dew? I remember sucking down a Mountain Dew or two in the morning in high school. I graduated to coffee at college. Who doesn't need a boost to study or play these days. Below is a list
of the most common ingredients found in energy drinks:

1) Caffeine - It's probably the most common ingredient in energy drinks. From what I have looked at, most energy drinks contain around 100-200 mg of caffeine in them. A drink called COCAINE boasts 280 MG of caffeine. Stay away from that one!

2) Taurine - It's something that is naturally produced by the body, as it is supposed to help energy levels throughout the body. Usually your body makes enough of this so that you don't need to add extra to your body.

3) Guarana - Comes from South American plants and is supposed to be used for awareness and energy levels. It can be compared to caffeine, but has a few different variations and stimulants.

4) B Vitamins -B Vitamins are supposed to wake up our bodies.

5) Ginseng - A herb that is known to increase energy levels, and alleviate stress as well.

6) Ginkgo Biloba - A herb that is supposed to help your memory, concentration, and blood circulation. Can help with stress.

7) L-Carnitine - Is naturally produced by your body and is supposed to help with your metabolism and energy levels. It is created by your liver and kidneys, but because it speeds up your metabolism it can often increase energy levels and thats the main reason why energy drinks hold this ingredient. It is supposed to give you endurance as well.

8) Sugars - They are the body's main fuel.

"Know what you're drinking. Energy drinks are not necessarily bad for you, but they shouldn't be seen as "natural alternatives" either. Some of the claims they make like "improved performance and concentration" can be misleading. There are over 280 brands of energy drinks.

One of these drinks is called TANTRA EROTIC/EXOTIC (from Australia). I haven't tried this drink. I am damn curious. It claims to be an aphrodisiac because of the combination of ginseng and Schizandra, a fruit found in Asia. Other than that, Tantra relies on pretty much the same list of power boosting ingredients found in hundreds of other energy drinks.

If you go the the Energy Drinks guide at you can find out what these energy drinks are actually made of and get reviews.

Drink responsibly!


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