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A Victorious Valentine.

Wondering what to get your gal for Valentine's day? You've come to the right place. celebrates Valentine’s Day 364 days a year. (The one day off is for the your birthday!) Although it's a "Hallmark Holiday," you should plan something special for Valentine’s Day. Take it from me-- even if your woman says she doesn’t care, she really does.

After Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day is the second biggest day people dine out. You don’t want to be a cliché and follow the herd, do you? Why not cook for her instead? Most women prefer when a man takes the time and effort to cook for her, rather than merely making reservations at a trendy restaurant.

One Valentine’s Day I did something I think was very special for my girlfriend at the time. I created an in-house surprise spa and meal that night for her. Before she arrived at my place, I laid down a path of rose petals that led up to a very clean bathroom and steeping hot bubble bath. Surrounding the bathtub were her favorite scented candles and a small bottle of champagne (sitting on ice in a silver bucket), a champagne flute, wee nicely folded towel and a few gourmet chocolate truffles (which I purchased). When she came in the door, I told her that dinner would be ready shortly and to follow the rose petal path in the meantime. (Just so you know, it didn’t matter that I cooked dinner that night. I think the bath was enough.) However, I wanted to do something over the top.

The old standbys, flowers and candy, can be nice, but prices skyrocket this time of year. You can skip them and take the time to peruse this site for some great recipe ideas instead. Check out the Menus section. I have put together three new Valentine’s Day Meals - Meat Loving Madame, Seafood Sweetheart, and Vegetarian Vixen. The articles will also suggest what music to listen to and how to set the table. You’re going to love it! Check out the Menus. If you are a novice in the kitchen or want a sure thing, then go to my LIKE A VIRGIN, COOKING FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME article. This is a step-by-step process, from shopping to cooking. Easy and delicious. If you need help in the kitchen, check out our COOKING 101 section. There is a wealth of information that will help you.


You really should try and cook the meal yourself, but if you just don’t have the time (make the time) and have the money, consider hiring a private chef for the evening. They will take care of everything and it can be very nice. I've done this for clients and it has worked out extremely well. She will love it. It’s better than dining out, but not as good or as cheap as preparing the meal yourself.

If you have to go out for dinner, then at least get her back to your place for dessert and some romance. Feed her homemade chocolate covered strawberries and champagne and you'll get the end of your night started off right.


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