Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Gloomy Glorious Days

The lazy, non-cooking, sex filled day.

Overcast skies, brisk winds and threats of rain or snow (if it’s not raining or snowing already) loom overhead. This is the perfect day to keep warm in bed with your new lover.

This is a culinary seduction of a new kind. Usually, you’re already in bed to begin with, which means the night before worked. If that is the case, you have several options to make this gloomy day glorious.

1) Get out of bed and go to breakfast. However, why on earth would you want to put on clothes when it’s so crappy out?

2) You could make her breakfast, which is what I would normally recommend, but not today.

3) Or you could simply skip food altogether and just consume each other for hours. Although at some point, you will have to drink something to re-hydrate. Later on, have some comfort food delivered, such as Chinese or my favorite, Zankou Chicken (read the review). Take a break after the afternoon session to watch a movie or some light tv.

A few things you can have on hand to make for a really special day.

A bottle of Champagne
Orange juice

(Put the two together and you have a drink called a mimosa (a dead sexy drink)

Bread, cheese and some grapes. Protein and fiber will help you maintain all day stamina.

Popcorn kernels (assuming that you actually get to your movie rental.) Check out the simple popcorn making method and recipe here.

Some of my fiends who are couples love to have what they call “Pantless Sundays,” (oh how sinful!) and they usually have them around the changing of the seasons. There is definitely something sexy about a gloomy day – especially if you don’t have to leave the house!

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