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How to Select and Cook With Cherries

Cherish cherries!

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How to Select
Cherries can be either sweet or sour. Their season runs from May - August. Choose brightly colored cherries that are not soft to the touch.

Sweet cherries are larger than sour cherries and are great to eat raw or cooked. The most popular varieties range in color from dark red to purplish black to golden red.

Sour cherries are too tart to eat raw. The are great in tarts, cobbles, pies and preserves. The most popular sour cherries are bright red.

How to Store
Keep cherries in a bag in the refrigerator and wash them before using.

Cherries go very well with many flavors and foods. These are some of the more popular matches.

* Apricots
* Armagnac
* Brandy
* Cheese - Brie, goat, ricotta
* CHOCOLATE - Dark and white
* Cinnamon
* Coconut
* Cognac
* Cream Fraiche
* Duck
* Grand Marnier
* Lemon, Juice - Zest
* Vinegar - ice wine - red wine
* WINE - dry red

Flavor Marriages
Cherries +almonds + cream + kirsch + vanilla
Cherries + chocolate + walnuts
Cherries +coconut + custard
Cherries +coffee + cream
Cherries +goat cheese + ice wine vinegar + black pepper + thyme
Cherries + mint + vanilla
Cherries + orange + sugar + dry red wine


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