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I Love Bacon!

You too can fry bacon naked!

Bacon is one of those things that should be its own food group. So many people love bacon, myself included! What is it exactly? Bacon is cured pork belly which is then smoked (or smoked flavor is added). American bacon is good on everything! However, there are many other types of bacon in the world. The U.S. has 9 different types of bacon, Canada has 2, Great Britain and Italy have 6 and France has 4.

Most bacon in the U.S is sliced thick and simply sold as "bacon slices." In Great Britain, New Zealand and Australia, however, bacon slices are called rashers. You can find slabs of bacon in specialty stores. Although you don't have to look far, we have a special deal with, a gourmet meat club. They do bacon of the month, ham, sausage and other delicious bites. Check them out!

A Few Other Popular Types of Bacon:

Canadian Bacon
is thick and resembles ham. It’s great on sandwiches and with breakfast.

is Italian bacon and is among my favorites. Pancetta is not smoked, so it’s moister and has a peppery, salty taste. It’s great in pastas and stews.

means “ham” in Italian and is a delicious gourmet bacon. Prosciutto is great wrapped around dried fruit, or in pasta and sandwiches.

Serrano Ham
This Spanish bacon is very close to its cousin Proscuitto and is a wonderful product.

Basic How to Cook Bacon:

Forget about frying it up in a pan which can get very messy. Instead, separate your slices, lay them out on a metal cooking sheet and bake them in the oven at 375º for 15 minutes or until done. Please pour your bacon fat into a cardboard container such as an ice cream or frozen juice container, let it cool, then throw it away. Another option is to keep the container in the freezer and keep adding fat until it's full before you throw it out. Don't pour the fat down the drain as this will clog your plumbing over time.

To cook bacon that will crumble, simply chop it first.

How To Store Bacon

All bacon will lose its flavor, so it’s best to use your bacon within one week of purchasing it. You can freeze bacon for up to two months.

The Bacon Cookbook
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