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A survey of why women love ice cream!

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First date coffee shop outings are passé. How about a venturing to a place that serves up comfort in a cone? Take her to get some ice cream or gelato. It’s a safe bet that most women love it. You will find that odd ball, so please be sure to ask her about it ahead of time.

Ice cream is a creamy cold concoction that is often sweet, smooth and delicious. It reminds us of our carefree youth and that’s comforting. Why do women love ice cream? Below are some responses from a few of my gal friends who can tell you just why it’s one of their favorite treats any time of year.

What do you like about ice cream?

“I love the creamy-ness of ice cream. The texture of having something so smooth. I love that it’s decadent, even if it’s not a rich flavour per se, like something fruit based.

It always feels indulgent.

And there’s something about the coolness that’s perfect. Not like a custard or a pudding. It’s like the temperature in itself is gratifying.

In some ways, it’s total medicine.

There has been plenty of times where my throat is sore, or I have a pill that I’ve taken that hasn’t quite made it down my throat, I reach for a spoon of ice cream. And I’m lactose intollerant, so what does that say?!

I also love the whole “just a taste” element to it.

That I can reach into the tub with a spoon in hand, and that can be enough. It doesn’t have to be a scoop, it just has to be.

Plus, there is inherently many-a-memory in ice cream. Childhood, parties, events, experiences…ice cream allows you to re-enter those memories (undoubtedly happy memories) providing much satisfaction and comfort.

I think all the classic desserts do this (choc chip cookies, choc cake, etc.) which is way they are the constants in everyone’s life; the common denominator.” Natalie S.

What I really love is ice cream milkshakes! Creamy goodness and it's fun to pretend you're in the 50s at a maltshop but with all shorts of inventive modern flavors! And here's an exciting thought: BEER milkshakes. I first had this at an amazing place called Schnack which used to be in Red Hook, Brooklyn but recently closed (god why??). Anyway, perhaps that'll inspire some recipes!
Crystal F.

“I have to say that my favorite thing about ice cream is the mint chocolate-chippiness of it. That's the only kind I will eat - the green stuff from B&R is the only thing that will do.”
Laura N.

It's cold, creamy and sweet. And you can get just about any flavor, from crazy sweet to super savory.

“It reminds me of summer and of childhood. There's something about it that takes you back to a more carefree place. That doesn't happen with apple pie. At least not for me.”
Lisa S.


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