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Kitchen Tools to Spice Up the Bedroom

Some people get a woody when hit with a wooden spoon!

Have you ever been threatened with a beating by a wooden spoon? For some, like me the sting of the wooden spoon slapping against my buttocks as a child wasn’t fun at all. It was my auntie’s way of punishing us naughty kids when we would pester her. Coincidentally, my auntie was a caterer in England. When my cousins and I were acting up, we were threatened with the wooden spoon and sometimes a nine inch chefs knife would be waived at us. But my auntie would rarely hit us kids and when she did, we laughed. Wait, hitting a kid is abusive and well, it’s not recommended. However, as adults, depending on your kink factor and pain threshold, slapping can be exhilarating for the slapper and/or the slappee.

The wooden spoon is my favorite. When used right you can lightly slap your partner where the sun doesn’t shine or other parts of the body. Use your imagination and for god's sake make sure you and your partner are into this kind of fun. Remember your “safe” words. A safe word is what you say to make your partner stop whatever it is that is causing you distress.

Other sexy kitchen tools to consider include the pastry brush. Try using a pastry brush or bbq brush like you would a feather when teasing that gal. To make things even more interesting, try brushing your partner with chocolate syrup, maple syrup, or my favorite: almost-hot honey (warm some to a bearable temperature in a microwave). Paint and then lick the road you’ve mapped out on her body with joy. I recommend taking a shower (together) and washing the sheets when you are done. Then rent a movie, drink wine or dine on one of our recipes or meals and do it all over again. If you’ve painted yourself dessert, then look forward to food for the morning after…


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