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Mexican Harvest Fiesta

Simple Feast For Two

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Fall is coming or is here for some parts of North America. I tend not to go with the grain on making heavy meals to seduce your date all the time when the weather gets cooler. Mexican food is one of my favorite cuisines that works well in any climate. It’s festive, flavorful soul food. The below meal are some of my classics that I truly love! I hope she will too!

1) The Margarita
Let’s start with the liquid libation that is needed to help lubricate the evening. The Perfect Margarita is the easiest recipe to master. Get recipe.

2) Chips and Guacamole

You’re going to need something salty and delicious to accompany your pitcher of margaritas. Chips and fresh guacamole are the answer. Get recipe.

3) Wild Mushroom Quesadilla
Now let’s move on to something that is warm, cheesy and delicious. The wild mushroom quesadilla is a perfect concoction to satisfy that hunger. Get recipe.

4) Mexican Hot Chocolate (optional)
This is not only delicious it is simple. Churros (Hispanic donuts) would go great with this drink or just buy a good plan donut to dip in your hot chocolate. Get hot chocolate recipe.

You can spice up your dishes with your favorite hot sauces or try these delicious sauces from All Spice Cafe!


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