Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Morning Glory

Adult breakfast in bed beverages.

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You have conjured up a food for the morning after menu fit for a princess, but what should she drink with it? Is alcohol good? With all this food about, you're going to need something to quench your thirst. Mimosas (Champagne and orange juice) are nice and romantic. The fact that they are alcoholic is an added benefit that will, hopefully, work to prolong the romance of your date. However, you could make a bloody marry which is a spicy vodka and tomato juice concoction (it’s almost breakfast by itself). If she is sassy she might love that drink.

If you don’t know your gal too well, it’s best to have a bunch of beverage and food options. Have on hand some combination of coffee, tea, orange juice, wines, and stiff drinks. Make sure you have a few dishes (you don’t have to make a lot) ranging from eggs, toast, fruit, hot or cold cereals and the smoothie. It shows what an effort you made and it will most definitely win you huge points and may make your morning glorious!

There are other beverages to sample when creating food for the morning after. Check out this article on what beverages to pair with some typical breakfast foods.


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