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My Favorite Food & Beverage Stores In North America

Where I shop to woo her with homemade delights.

I am known to shop at 3-4 different markets when I am entertaining even if it’s just for one meal. Each market specializes in something great and many have decent prices too. When I can, I go to farmers markets because buying local is best. Farmer markets also have some of the best looking gal shoppers!

I grew up in NY, lived in Los Angeles for 13 years and now for the past year and a half I have been living in Toronto. I am still exploring Toronto’s culinary markets. However, I have discovered some great places.

Also grocery stores are great places to meet women. I have witnessed a scene of a man and woman flirting with each other for the first time at the meat counter or in the produce section of a market. It happens all the time. If you will notice in the picture above this gal was shopping at Ralphs in Los Angeles. Ralphs can be a great place to shop!

Where I shop and what I see:

Trader Joe’s ($) (XXXX) Los Angeles & New York
They have locations all over the United States. I go for the essentials including: oils, butter, milk, wine and spirits. They have great frozen and fresh seafoods and meats. I don’t buy produce or beer here. The gals who shop here are attractive . They’re practical and know what they want. After all Trader Joe’s is not a full service grocery.

Monte Carlo Deli ($) (XXXX) Los Angeles
This is a family run business in Studio City, California. It’s where I shop for Italian specialties. They have amazing sausages, pizza dough, cold cuts, gelato, fresh pastries and fresh breads. I don’t buy olive oil here or wine. It’s cheaper at Trader Joe’s. I see old Italian grandma’s and many Milfs.

Golden Farms ($) (XXXX) Los Angeles
Armenian grocery with stores in Burbank and Glendale. It’s tantalizing! The meat counter has everything under the sun, including lamb testicles, brain, heart, liver and the best Mexican Chorizo. Their produce is very cheap and good. They have at any one time 3-4 different types of fresh basil. Great cuisine all around! You will find the artistic gal or two here. Ethnic women and people who are want a culinary adventure.

99 Ranch ($-$$) (XXXX) Los Angeles
Amazing Asian markets with locations in all over California, Washington, Nevada and Georgia. It’s my “go to” when I need Asian ingredients, except Indian. I love how they have large live fish tanks of and crustaceans crawling. They can clean your fish, and even cook it for you. You also get great deals on my one of my favorite beer Tsingtao. The gals are very cute here.

India Sweets & Spices ($) (XXXX) Los Angeles

Los Feliz, California. This is where I go when I want to make Indian grub. However, I admit I don’t go often because there are two amazing Indian restaurants within a one minute walk from my former apartment in Studio City, California.

Costco ($$) (XXXX) Los Angeles, NY & Toronto

Meat from the bone! Costco is the place for great meat in large quantities and affordable prices. I go here specifically for baby back ribs. They have the best all over North America. Read why! Here is where you will find a yummy mommies.

Whole Foods ($$$) (XXXXX) Los Angeles, NY & Toronto
A North American grocery chain. Everything is top quality. I go here for great produce, meats, fish and their bulk food section. I don’t frequent as much as I would like. It is a bit pricey. These markets have best looking talent in every city. The women who shop here have money to burn and are health conscious and they love to keep their bodies in shape.

Vendome ($$$) (XXXX) Los Angeles
With a few locations scattered in the valley. Best for wine, beer and hard to find spirits. Wine tasting is a lot of fun here. I recommend it! Party gals are plentiful customers here.

Artisan Cheese Gallery ($$) (XXXX) Los Angeles
Great cheese shop in Sherman Oaks, California. I go here to get cheese for all of my cheese plates.

Ralphs ($$) (XXX) Los Angeles
Locations all over California, it’s a typical grocery. I go here for produce, beer, wine and spirits. I usually get what’s on sale. The “sexy Ralphs” in Hollywood is a famous destination. You can find gorgeous “up and coming” actresses buying the their staples. After Whole Foods in Los Angeles, Ralphs is the place to go and sightsee.

No Frills ($-$$) (XXX) Toronto
Locations across Canada. Not all No Frills are created equal. However, the one next to my gym is fantastic. I go here for cheap produce, ethnic foods and for the staples such as, butter, milk, yogurt and cheese (for melting) are good. I am thankful for the decent sized Mexican and other ethnic sections. The meat is hit or miss and you can’t get fresh fish here.

Longos ($$) (XXX) Toronto
Italian family run supermarket chain across Toronto. They have great produce and the best “just about to expire” sections. The fresh fish is consistently good and they do have great sales. They also have a decent deli section where I can get my cured pork products. I mostly buy what’s on sale here. Mostly Italian and Jewish women shop here.

Sunny Supermarket ($) (XXXX) Toronto
Is an Asian supermarket in the Leslie and Finch square. It is like 99 Ranch, but a bit nicer Their seafood and meat section is very clean. It’s fantastic and the girls are lovely too.

Ambrosia ($$-$$$) (XXXX) Toronto
It’s an organic, raw, health food place that has great weekly specials. I go here for the bulk nuts, green teas and their sales. The organic produce doesn’t look great and they don’t have any meat or seafood. It’s a vegetarian market. Extremely health conscious vegans chicks can be found here.

Kensington Market ($-$$$) (XXXX) Toronto
Is an area in Downtown Toronto where stores sell everything from produce to seafood and cheese. It’s one of the best places to visit in Toronto. Hipster gals seeking organic coffee beans crowd the markets. It’s a great vibe!

Costas Market ($-$$$) (XXXX) Toronto
Greek market in North York. They have some of the best lamb I have ever tasted. Great sausages and nicely priced bulk olive oil.

Pasquale Bros. ($$) (XXXX) Toronto
In the west end is a gourmet food and cheese bulk mark withreat prices! Read the review.

Cheese Boutique ($$$-$$$$) (XXXX) Toronto
One of the most fascinating food shops I have ever been too. They have my favorite short grain rice for making risotto and they have amazing cheeses, gourmet produce, oils, vinegars. Read the full review.

Fiesta Farms ($-$$$) (XXXX) Toronto

This is where the chefs go in Toronto to shop for themselves. You can shop for meat by the farm it came from! They have one aisle dedicated to dry pastas. The produce and meats are amazing and they do have many ethnic sections. The bakery is also fantastic.


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