Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Never Cook For Her On The First Date


No matter what never cook for a gal on your first date. It paints you as a bit creepy and cheap. However there are some exceptions to this rule. Say you meet a lovely lady at a party or bar. One thing leads to another and your making out already. As long as you’re not too drunk and you get her number (assuming you dig one another) then I may suggest attempting to cook for her on your first true date. Since you have already exchanged saliva, she may want to get to know you very well quickly.

On your first date with a woman you don’t know take her out to a decent/fun restaurant in your area. If things go well, then I would suggest that you still take her out to dinner on your second date. However, I highly recommend that on the second date when you go to pick her up, you bring along a classic French cheese plate with all of the accoutrements and a bottle cold Prosecco (check out our Frottage Fromage article on how to create a great classic French cheese plate). With any luck, you may not make it out to the restaurant that night.

Before you come over tell her you’re bringing something special to nibble on. Actually, tell her you want to bring over an aperitif before you go out for the evening. Just don’t show up with food and booze in hand. She may not have cleaned her pad or she has a sick roommate or something else she doesn’t want you to see. On the third date, do not take her out to eat.

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