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Blankets and Booze Picnic 101

Eating outdoors makes everything better. What woman doesn’t like the idea of a romantic picnic? Picnics are an easy and very impressive culinary date. They usually involve blankets, some sort of booze, food and the most important bit, a great location. Along with the foods, beverages and comforts of home you will bring, you get to take in a beautiful day with someone you are interested in.

Location, location, location! Are you familiar with a local park, beach, cliff or rooftop that is quiet and clean? Then take her there. It’s best not to bother with unfamiliar territory other than the woman you are with. When you are in a more long-term relationship, then you better be adventurous. Even those living in towering urban dwellings can find a great rooftop that can be very romantic. Hell, I even picnicked on the top of the roof of my house in the Hollywood Hills once. We had a great view and it was at night, so it made it even more fun.

What to eat?
I love picnics because you really don’t have to cook anything. Although, I prefer to create some sandwiches and dips to give it my personal touch. Sandwiches without mayonnaises are best, because mayo needs to be kept cool. If it's not, nasty bacteria can get in and spoil your day by making you both ill. Also stay away from dairy-based spreads and dips. Chips, dips, breads, cheeses, fruits, veggies and sexy sticks of meat like salami or pepperoni and other cold cuts are great ideas. Check out our variety of picnic menus for easy to prepare picnics and inspiration.

What to drink?
Wine is the best bet, just make sure whichever wine you bring is cold, even the red. The misconception about wine and temperature are that reds are too warm and whites are too cold. During a warm spring or summer day you want to keep your vino cool.
If you’re having Mexican grub, then I would make a thermos of great Margaritas and bring a lot of ice. However, no matter what booze you take, always bring drinking water!

How to transport your goods.

There are so many picnic baskets and backpacks that you can purchase. I don’t have a favorite, in fact I don’t have one. When I do picnic, I use cooler bags or a small cooler for my foods, ice and booze and another bag for utensils, outdoor aids, blankets etc. If you want to be more organized, then I do recommend getting a picnic basket/pack to suit your character. There is something for everyone.

Try to use plastic containers for everything except storing wine, If you're not using a picnic basket or backpack to store your wine, make sure you wrap it up in a blanket or towel to keep it safe.

The Picnic Kit.
Below is a list of items that are vital to make your picnic date success. Make check lists and gather the goods just in case something happens. Your date will think you’re a guy who can handle any situation. The pack should include:

• Blankets or ground cover including large towels
• Forks, knives, spoons, plates, cups, bowls, etc. (plastic is ok)
• Serving utensils & dishes, including large spoons & forks
• Sharp knives
• Cutting board (can double as a serving tray)
• Tablecloth, paper towels and or wet naps
• Can opener, bottle opener & corkscrew
• Salt & pepper
• Appropriate condiments including mustard, ketchup, relish or whatever works with your menu. No mayo please!
• Plastic containers or storage bags for leftovers
• Trash bags for clean up
• Umbrella
• Extra sweatshirt in case she gets cold
• Small first aid kit (bee stings can suck)
• Condoms
• Moist towelettes for clean ups
• Ice and or Ice packs
• Beverages, including water
• And of course, your food….
• Other items to consider: insect repellent, sunscreen, bathing suit, books or magazines, deck of cards, camera, band aids.

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