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Stimulating pasta!

I love, love, love pasta because it’s very easy to make, versatile and delicious. It’s great with cream sauces, tomato sauces, seafood, chicken, meat, roasted veggies and more. I love to pair pasta with cream sauces and pancetta (Italian bacon). This recipe is a sure thing (if she likes bacon of course). My ultimate pasta dish is pasta with a cream sauce, featuring shaved fresh truffles (white are best, black is next). Truffles are extremely expensive fungi only found in specialty food stores or under oak trees in the south of France or Northern Italy.

When cooking for your date, the best pasta to get is the fresh kind found in the refrigerated section at your market. It tastes better than the dried stuff and is quicker to cook. One normal-sized package is the perfect serving for you and your dinner date.

Be a “gourmet” and try visually stimulating pastas, such as tri-color (see photo above) or use interesting shapes like bowtie (farfalle) pasta, which look very attractive on a plate. Unless you’re extremely adept at twirling pasta strands around your utensil, I recommend avoiding long pastas such as spaghetti and linguini with red sauce-- at least initially. You don’t want to get sauce all over yourself do you? But if she splatters a bit, come to her rescue by offering to remove the stain. Hopefully she'll take the soiled item off and thank you properly for all your efforts! See our STAIN REMOVAL TIPS article.

If you want to know what kinds of pastas match with different sauces then go to our HOW TO COOK AND SELECT PASTA tips. This tutorial also includes basic pasta cooking methods.

Sexy Pasta Factoids to Impress Her With, While You Dine

The history of pasta dates as far back as the ancient Greeks. Pasta is generally made from grains, and there are all types these days, from brown rice to durum wheat. Durum wheat is considered the best and comes from Italy.

In Italy, pasta is almost always served as a separate course, not as a side dish like we see in many eateries in the United States. Different regions of Italy sometimes call the same pasta by different names.


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