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Saucepans and the Single Girl

The girl's guide to cooking for guys.

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I was poking around and found a post by Amy Smith with regard to this cookbook.

Published in 1965 by Doubleday

From the back jacket:
"Designed to warm the Heart of the young girl who may not know a wire whisk from a tuning fork, here are recipes, menus, and kitchen hints for every occasion. From midnight supper for two to 'deadly little dinners' and smashing soirées for the gang. SAUCEPANS AND THE SINGLE GIRL will achieve its rightful place in the hearts of career girls everywhere -right up there with vacations at Waikiki and long lash mascara."
This is Now ... The New, Updated, Footnoted and Still Funny
Saucepans and the Single Girl -Published by Warner Books in 2006
From the back cover:
In 1965, the big bash, the cocktail party, and the romantic dinner for two took a dramatic turn for the better. Coincidence? Hardly. It was Saucepans and the Single Girl - the funny, flip and completely practical cookbook that did "more for the bachelor girl's social life than long-lash mascara or a new discotheque dress." A lot has changed since then, but there are still a few things every girl needs: a knockout menu to dazzle Mr. Right, the kicky cocktail to liven any affair, and a hearty meal to fill that rare empty slot in her social calendar. Amy Smith over at turned me on to this. She found the book for 50 cents. Check it out.


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