Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Sexy Pumpkin…Head

“Pumpkin head” is slang for red heads and I think red heads are dead sexy. However, I dig this food product too.

Oh the pumpkin is an odd thing that I do adore. Why? Because it's orange, round and sexy. Pumpkins are a multipurpose fruit that are great for side dishes, desserts and can even be made into beer. Pumpkins are part of the squash family and are delicious because they can be sweet and soft. When a pumpkin is ripe you can boil, bake, roast, sauté or incorporate it into various pies. I love a good pie, don’t you? Speaking of other things I love, did you know the pumpkin gets its name from the Greek word “pepon” meaning "large melon?"

We are used to seeing pumpkins in the color and shape of an orange globe, but did you know that these round mounds come in variety of sizes and colors? They are also high in Vitamin A and potassium, although they are 90% water.

When I cook with pumpkin, I get either the canned, pureed kind, or I get small sugar pumpkins. I don’t buy a big old orange globe, the Jack O' Lantern, unless I want to stick my knife in it and carve it for Halloween. Or just stick my knife into it. The ones best for carving and the ones best for eating are usually different varieties.

A Table Setting Suggestion: Fall Festive
If you are cooking a pumpkin inspired meal or another fall comfort food dish for your dinner date, you might want purchase a bunch of small, different textured pumpkins or gourds as a simple center piece for your table. She will be impressed that you know fall for something else (hint: the harvest) other than football.

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