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Size and Shape Does Matter

For wine glasses.

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There are different shapes and sizes of wine glasses to suit ever variety of wine in each range. The shape and size of a wine glass can dictate how aromatic a wine will be or how alcoholic it will appear or if you will even like the wine. For example, when drinking Champagne you want to drink it out of a tall flute. The shape traps the fizz and the aroma. It’s also elegant to see the bubbles blasting from the bottom. This point was brought home to me a few weeks ago when I took a wine glass/tasting session from Maximillian Riedel, who runs the famous family crystal house.

In addition to the importance of size and shape, the color of the glass should always be clear. Never drink wine from colored glass it will dilute taste because it looks unattractive.

Guy’s you only need two basic shapes to start out with. Flutes for sparkling wines such Champagne. Most women love champagne. See wine basics 101. The other glass you need is one that has a medium to large bowl that tapers towards the rim. It also should have a long stem, which makes you tilt your head back more when you drink. This helps the wine disperse properly in the mouth for better taste. It also looks sexy when she drinks from it.

If you want to see a cool wine glass guide go here. It has all of the different shapes of glasses for different wines.

If you want to see wine glasses in action go here. This is pictures of women with wine.


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