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A Culinary Classification System For Women - Part II

Ten Delicious Types of Gals. Part Two

Types of Girls – Part 2

(If you missed Part 1, start here.)

The Granola Gal (aka Social Activist)
May or may not love granola, but she shops her local farmers’ market for healthy, organic produce. She’s got all kinds of fresh and pungent herbs, including smokables. She may listen to Phish or other jazz fusion bands of the past and present. She doesn’t hesitate to express her opinions, especially when it comes to politics and the environment. Definitely recycles. Most likely a vegetarian, but even if she isn’t, she’ll enjoy the Vegetarian Vixen Menu.

The Party Girl

Loves to get down and get wild. Enjoys stiff drinks and simple food like gourmet pizza. She’s easily pleased with any food that gives her the energy to bop all night long. Bouncing to the beats from electronica to ska, she is a club gal and a sexy dresser. Think mini skirts and high boots. After a long night of dancing and drinking, she will eat street meat at 3:00 am. She likes vodka martinis because they’re the strongest drink one can get at a bar and adores Red Bull and vodka. Try the Mediterranean Mistress Menu.

The Artsy Chick

“Art” is everything to her. She loves to chew the fat about the indie music and movie scenes and is a bonafide expert on pop culture (or she thinks she is.) She’s into experimentation when it comes to life and, of course, loves how food looks on a plate. She may be a vegetarian, so get to know her a little before cooking for her. She may brood or act crazy sometimes, but you know what they say about crazy chicks-- they’re awesome in bed.

Artsy chicks are kind of easy. I mean, to cook for! They are usually hard-pressed for cash and not used to really awesome cooking. This is the type of gal that will appreciate foods from different cultures. Asian, African or Middle Eastern, she is curious and interested. You can play it safe and cook a vegetarian meal for her or simply find out in advance what she likes. Try the 3 Course Italian Amore or the Vegetarian Vixen Menu.

The Debutante/Socialite
Trust funds and truffles. This smart, uptown girl most likely went to an Ivy League school and is somewhat dangerous. She will always be Daddy’s little princess. In the dining room, great presentation and sophisticated foods rule her world. She may be a closet junk food junkie, but you won’t know it until she allows you into her most inner sanctum. She is a pretend foodie, so expensive delights impress her most. She knows her booze, specifically Champagne, and Champagne and caviar is her favorite food combination. (A true foodie would appreciate vodka and caviar as the perfect pairing.) The finer things in life rule this gal’s world. Try the Spring Fling Menu.

The Bookworm

She loves words, books and good food. She is an intellect into broadening her liberal arts knowledge, but may also be an encyclopedia of useful or inane facts. Who doesn’t love the look of the sexy librarian wearing glasses, with her hair bundled up with a pencil? But you must read something other than Sports Illustrated and Maxim Magazine to liberate her soul.

The Bookworm really, really appreciates it when a guy cooks for her. She is starved for romance and secretly fantasizes about her “Casanova” or “Prince Charming” sweeping her off her feet. And if you happen to speak a foreign language, she might as well be putty in your hands. She is a closet horn dog and can be a cheap date. From cooking to cuddling, this girl is a keeper. Take her to pubs for pints of nourishment and stimulating conversation. Get drunk and shnog in the parking lot. On the second or third date, cook her anything you please. Try the Seafood Sweetheart Menu.

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