Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Thanksgiving Sides and Desserts For Two or More

Healthy stuff she will love.

I am not cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year. In fact, since I now reside in Toronto, we celebrated Thanksgiving a month and half ago. However, that is not stopping me from having the best of both worlds. I am flying down to Jersey City to be with my family and as far as I can tell, I am not allowed in the kitchen. This is great. In Toronto I didn't cook and had an amazing dinner that a friend prepared. Also I love not having to cook Thanksgiving dinner this year because I am still recovering from the 9 years of cooking large meals for friends in Los Angeles. I loved every minute of it of course.
Deep fried turkeys, sausages citrus stuffings, spuds. I could go on.

For those of you who are having an intimate Thanksgiving for two, check out these healthy sides and desserts. One recommendation, unless you want to be stuck with a mound of leftover Turkey and you can live without dark meat, I suggest just roasting a turkey breast. It's easier to deal with for two people.


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