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The All Inclusive Honeymoon

“Excess” is how it can be summed up.

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Recently, I got hitched. That’s right, I now cook for one woman only. I wooed my wife with food. For example, on our 4th date, I hosted a five course-tasting menu for 17 of my friends. Yes, I got lucky that night. However, it took many years of culinary courtship before we wed.

For our honeymoon we traveled to one of my favorite places, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We stayed at Dreams, which is an all-inclusive resort. Yes, the name is cheesy, but let me explain why we stayed there.

Our first true vacation together while we were dating was to Puerto Vallarta where we stayed at Dreams. It was formally known as the Camino Real back then. It wasn’t an all-inclusive resort yet. We opted for a plan that included a great breakfast every morning and a free happy hour every afternoon that included drinks and fried Mexican appetizers such as tequitos. The value and accommodations were amazing!

We went out to dinner every night and had some great meals and some mediocre meals in the town. During our excursions in town, several times locals pedaling time-share condos or other goods asked us if we were honeymooners. That trip was in 2004. So, naturally we wanted to go back to the same place for our honeymoon.

The trip can be summed up with one word “excess” which is a great thing. The resort is all-inclusive (even 24 hour room service) with 5 restaurants, 3 pools (including a swim up bar) and the best beach in Puerto Vallarta. Also it’s only a five-minute taxi ride into town.

We took advantage of our all-inclusive situation to the max. It was a great time. Neither us had been to an all-inclusive resort before. Breakfast and lunch were pretty good. The Mexican food they prepared was often delicious. Dinner was just ok. Which brings me to my point. All-inclusive resorts are not always known for great dining. However, Puerto Vallarta has over 1,000 restaurants. If you are a food fanatic or just want to impress your date with non-cheesy romance, then there is no need to go to an all inclusive resort as a couple unless there isn’t an actual town or city the resort is near so that you can find good eats. We went to this resort because it had meaning. We went out several times of course to get some authentic Mexican cuisine. Toronto is not known for Mexican food so we had to get our fill of it.

Although Dreams was a fantastic place and our honeymoon was great, I would strongly steer away from the all-inclusive resort because the food is never that good. All-inclusive resorts may be best for young families, not young lovers who care about quality grub.

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