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Unhealthy Food and Drink Lists

Avoid these not so sexy foods and drinks.

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Times are tough, but you wouldn't take your date to a fast food chain would you? Well, maybe In N' Out might be fun for a late night feast after a late night romp.

Unhealthy value menu fast foods
Stay away from those burgers on the dollar menu, your body can't afford the outcome. Jack in the Box has a burger which ranks as the unhealthiest value food from a fast food chain. Read more.

Also check out these other unhealthy food and drink lists:

20 Unhealthy drinks to avoid
Can you believe Vitamin Water is on this list? Water is your best bet and Champagne (drink water first) is a nice touch to replenish lost liquids after sexy time with your gal. Read More

Unhealthiest holiday cocktails
Who really loves eggnog anyway? Read more.

Unhealthiest fair foods
I know that going to the fair is a great date. It has something for everyone. I love funnel cakes at the fair, (they made the list) but a deep fried Oreo? Anything deep fried you should avoid! However, allow one treat you can split. Don't over do it! Read more.

And check out this list of fair foods. What the hell is a Krispy Creme burger? Disgusting!

Foods that you think are healthy, but are not
I agree with this list for the most part. Read more.

The 6 most unhealthy foods and drinks to avoid
I generally agree with this list, but a rum and coke can be a really nice summer time treat. Read more.

The top 8 unhealthy food list
I have issues with this list. Bacon and cookies made this list? Whatever! Read on.

Now what? Let's just not eat anything at all
Check out this list. I do know that these things are bad, but they just taste so good in so many things.

The 20 most unhealthiest foods in America
This is a fun list. Read more.


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