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Why She Gets a Kick Out of Champagne

Celebrate good times all the time.

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Champagne, bubbly wine, is the universal notion for celebration. If you bring in the New Year with a lovely lass and a bottle or two of Champagne (or other sparkling wine) you may get a roundtrip ticket to some sexy merrymaking. What makes Champagne so attractive? Is it its fizzy, fun, bubbles? Is it that it comes from France? Is it can taste great alone or with food? Maybe it’s due to the color? It can be pink, red or white? Could it be that Champagne loosens one’s most inner thighs/souls to be more open? It’s all of the above.

Although the French actually didn’t invent this sparkling wine, (the British made it by accident when they wanted to preserve their wine) they knew how to market it. Champagne is the name of a wine-making district in France and only sparkling wines produced there, from specific varieties of grapes, can be called champagnes. Bottles not from France are usually labeled sparkling wine, unless it's Cava from Spain or Prosecco from Italy. You can't go wrong with any of these, as the fizz pairs gorgeously with almost any food combination. Sparkling wines can be served prior to the meal, with the meal, or even afterwards as dessert. They're best served at refrigerator temperature.

For a very special evening or meal, go with a rosé Champagne. Although some people think rosés are inferior to regular Champagne, in actuality they're harder to make and usually more expensive. Plus the rosé color will add flair and fun to your table. This bubbly pink drink will appeal to your girl's feminine side. But be careful not to point the bottle at your date when you open it. You don't want to give her a black eye before the evening has started.

One of my favorite sparkling wines is a Rose Brut Cava Cristalino. Read the review here.


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