Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Winner Girl Gone Gourmet of 2007

Dreams of Being a Master Baker! Check Out Her Centerfold!

Congratulations to the winner of the first Culinary Seductions Girl Gone Gourmet!


NAME: Kristen

AGE: 24

FROM: Waltham, MA

EDUCATION: Le Cordon Bleu - Orlando, Florida

Pastry Chef and First Cook


SPORTS: She is a self proclaimed Yankees hater. Loves the Red Sox!
And she is a competitive ballroom dancer!

DREAMS: One day being a Master Pastry Chef and owning her own
upscale lounge

Kristin is a multi-talented chef and competitive ballroom dancer! Since attending culinary school in Orlando, Florida, she opened a fine dining restaurant as the pastry chef. From there, she went on to Universal Studios to learn the culinary side of the kitchen. While working at Universal, she took a position at the Young Chefs' Academy as a Chef Instructor. She has huge aspirations of owning her own upscale lounge and wants to teach on the side, while working her way up to becoming a Master Pastry Chef.



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