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How to Cook and Select Lamb

The best lamb is fresh and young. A lovely leg of lamb is especially nice.

Lamb is the meat of a sheep less than a year old. The meat of a sheep over two years old is known as mutton. Cook lamb on the same day you buy it, as it doesn't keep very long. When choosing lamb look for moist meat that ranges in color from pink to pale red. See the below chart for more help.


Cut of Lamb Cooking Method


Roast, grill, broil, panfry


Roast, grill, broil, panfry

Ribs, Denver Style

Braised, simmer, broil, panfry


Roast, grill, broil, panfry, saute


Roast, braise, grill, broil, pan-broil, panfry, saute

Leg, boneless


Lamb for stewing

Roast, broil, simmer

Lamb for kebobs

Roast, broil, grill

Ground Lamb

Roast, panfry


Panfry, saute

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