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How to Organize your Kitchen / Basic Equipment you need

Whatever your budget can afford. You will need the following stuff.

• Wine glasses. Get two red wine glasses and two white wine glasses.

• Beer mugs for beer and water.

• Some nice plates. Get at least 4 dinner plates and 4 matching side plates.

• Ice trays.

• Eating utensils -- knives (butter and steak knives), spoons, forks.

• Measuring cups (dry and wet). Wet is a glass 2-4 cup container. Dry measuring cups
are plastic or steel and can come as either a set from 1 cup, 3/4 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/4
cup or you can get a plastic 2-4 cup container.

• Measuring spoon set. Start out at 1 tablespoon with all of the measurements in
between ending up at a teaspoon.

• Cooking utensils --whisk, spatula (plastic tip and metal tip), wooden spoon, steel
spoons, ladle.

• Thermometer. There are several different types of thermometers. Start out with a meat
thermometer. If you budget can afford it, get an digital instant read thermometer such as this

• Strainers. I like both plastic and mesh metal.

• Can opener. A simple hand / manual one works best.

• Cutting boards (I have a large impressive wood one and two other plastic ones.) I use
the plastic for meats and fish.

• Corkscrew and bottle opener. (Using your teeth to open a bottle of beer will not
impress your date!).

• A good pepper mill. Fresh ground pepper is best.

• "That's not a knife, this is a knife." Get a good 8 inch chef's knife
Whatever your budget can afford. Go Japanese or German.

• Medium and large cast iron pans
I love 'em. I have a special relationship with my cast iron pans. They can just about do
any job you want and you can take these bad boys camping. They're macho and don't
require soap to clean. Just scrub with warm water and a brush. Get a 10-inch and 12
pre-seasoned (I find that Lodge is the oldest and best brand) inch. Their only
limitation is that they're not great for making sauces.

• One 12 inch aluminum or other skillet for sauces.

• Large stockpot. This will be good for chili, soups, and pasta.

• Medium stockpot. You will use this the most. Great for blanching veggies and doing
pasta too and making a lot of sauces.

• Small saucepan. Great for making sauces, reheating leftovers, and boiling some eggs.

• Various containers to hold your dry stashes.

• Various, oven dishes, flat baking (cookie )sheets, steamers, roasting pans, etc.

• Kitchen towels or oven mitts (I prefer kitchen towels but you guys can
use oven mitts.)

• Paper towels.

• Tin foil, plastic wrap and baggies for freezing stuff.

• Get a proper trash can. Not something you would put on the street and don't use paper bags.

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