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How to Plate your Dishes

Presentation is everything!

If you are still using paper plates then you've got problems. Presentation is everything. Get a few nice white plates and some good utensils and you'll be fine. When plating food don't slop it on the plate like it's food for a pigs trough, instead why not make the plate look good. Garnish it with herbs and other spices, maybe even an edible flower. Not every item in a menu needs garnishing. For example, naturally colorful foods or in "busy" containers will be fine on their own. But if a soup, sauce or other dish is a boring pale or monotone, a sprig of a fresh herb, a dusting of finely grated cheese or grind of fresh black pepper, or a swirl of cream can add needed color and texture.

Some of the most eye-catching garnishes are fresh fruits: citrus zest, wedges, wheels and other shapes, kiwi rounds, pomegranate seeds, nectarine, peach or pine. You can sprinkle dry green herbs such as parsley, basil and oregano. Just remember not to go too crazy. Also, everything on your plate must be edible. You can even get wonderfully creative and serve your meal on an interesting serving vessel. (Other than a plate, I mean.) Possibilities include cutting boards or glass dishes. Make it interesting to impress your new squeeze. This way, even if the food sucks, you may still have a chance. A little effort goes a long way.

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