Saturday, February 23, 2019
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How to Shop for Groceries

Don't shop when you're hungry or hung over.

• Don't shop when you're hung-over. Order take-out instead.

• Don't shop while you are under the influence for obvious reasons. You may pick up
the wrong ingredients or spend more money on beer and nuts.

• Create a shopping list. This is the most important thing to bring with you.

• Have your coupons handy.

• Check out the in-store specials.

• Get to know the meat experts. They are your butcher and seafood monger. If you are friendly with them they can recommend the best and freshest deals.

I like to go to different types of markets. The big chains are great, but the specialty markets are where you can get hard-to-find gourmet products. These will impress your date because you made the effort to go the extra mile and get that special item. I also find that farmers' markets have an interesting array of organic produce that is often better and cheaper that the larger shops.

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