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February 2007

This page contains all entries posted to Recipes in February 2007. They are listed from oldest to newest.

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February 2007 Archives

February 23, 2007

Oh So Beautiful Braised Short Ribs

Awesome braised short ribs in a red wine pomegranate and orange sauce. This meat dish a a French influenced.

Fun N' Fire Farafalle Pasta

This dish is colorful, simple, yummy and will give you energy for later in the evening.This is a vegetarian dish.

Love Me Long Thyme Chicken Salad

This is a simple and succulent Lebanese influenced dish that will have her begging for more. It's healthy, spicy and nice.

Sassy Spinach and Shrimp Salad

This is a lovely shrimp, spinach and zucchini chip salad.

Heavenly Herbed Cheese Spread

Cheese is naughty and nice. This delicious spread is simple to make. Spread it on bread, spread it on crackers, spread it on her celery, spread it on her.

Nice Insalada Caprese

It's a sexy, simple Italian salad that is scrumptious.

Orange and Honey Glazed Carrots

This is a wonderfully easy sweet side dish that goes great with both meat and poultry.

Exploding Popcorn for Movie Night and Beyond

There is nothing like popcorn and extra virgin olive oil.

Silky Pan Friend Polenta in Truffle Oil

Italian cornmeal mixed like mashed potatoes, chilled and then fried with truffle oil.

Don't Step on My Walnut Pesto (with Shrimp on the Side)

There is nothing like the rich and flavorful taste of pesto, Pesto is an easy to make and versatile Italian sauce that can be used in pasta, as a marinade for chicken or fish, as a garnish in soup, as a spread on bread and much more.

Luscious Lobster and Saffron Risotto

This velvety, smooth Italian risotto will have your date screaming for more even before she's done eating.

Sexy Chocolate Balls

Chocolate Truffles. What girl doesn't like chocolate?

Very Wild Fish Tacos

Red snapper is our fish with peppers, garlic, onion, cheese and handmade flour tortillas. Mexican and Italian influenced!

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