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La Cabana-Toronto

Rating: XX

My quest for decent Mexican food in Toronto...($$)


La Cabana
467 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, ON M4K 1P1
(416) 461-0556

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XX - Not Sexy
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It’s not a surprise that my quest for good Mexican food in Toronto must continue after dining at La Cabana on the Danforth.

Although the owner is very gregarious it doesn’t make up for the sub par food and mediocre margaritas. The margaritas are not fresh. They add a store bought sour mix to tequila and run it through their cold concoction mixer or serve it on the rocks.

The only redeemable culinary delight is their fresh guacamole. It actually tasted good! For dinner my date had a garlic shrimp appetizer, which was five shrimp served on a bed a lettuce for $10. It was nothing special. I sampled what was supposed to be a chicken enchilada and a beef enchilada combo with a green salsa. I didn’t get the chicken enchilada, but I didn’t complain. I got two “beef” enchiladas which were two small corn tortillas that had poorly seasoned hamburger meat in them.

In general the atmosphere was pretty bland. The decor wasn't very good. There were a couple of sombreros on the wall and some large chili lights which were attractive. Apparently, Food Makeover, (A Toronto show on the Food Network Canada) came in and did the place up. Since the owner is actually from Peru they tried to convince him to open a Peruvian restaurant. The owner refused citing Mexican was more marketable.

If you are craving some guacamole then in desperation I would say go to La Cabana. However, it’s cheaper and better to make it youself (check the recipe) and so are the margaritas (check the recipe).

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