Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Tacos El Asador-Toronto

Rating: XX

Where is the cheese? El Savadorian eatery ($)


Tacos El Asador-Toronto
690 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5G 1L2

XXXX - Dead Sexy
XXX - Sexy
XX - Not Sexy
X - Frigid

$$$$ - Expensive
$$$ - Pretty Expensive
$$ - Not Bad
$ - Cheap

My quest for decent Mexican food in Toronto has led me to a small joint on Bloor Street West called Tacos El Asador. This is not a Mexican eatery, it’s an El Salvdorian one. I didn't know that until I got there. I tried to adapt. However, just for the record, I wanted Mexican food and not Latin American eats. The below review is jaded because I went way out of my way and got cheated. Read on to discover how. It involves what should have been warm, gooey love.

The food here is o.k and it's cheap, but it's not a place to take a date unless you're far into your relationship and she already knows that you're a cheap bastard. Also this joint might be good if you just had sex with your friend and you want to go out for a mediocre (cheap) meal to go with that mediocre (cheap) sex you just had. Tacos El Asador is very far out of the way and has zero sex appeal.

I sampled a few things but nothing really stood out. Don’t be fooled when they serve you a quesadilla without any cheese in it. Perhaps that is the El Salvadorian way. However, "queso" in Spanish means "cheese." I was pretty upset by that. I think I will open up my own quesadilla stand and serve mostly quesadillas, a few tacos, nachos and of course a large Mexican style burrito. I have a few names in mind like THERE IS CHEESE IN YOUR QUESADILLA or FREE CHEESE WITH ANY QUESADILLA PURCHASE.

In addition to the questionable "quesadilla," I had a burrito which was not at all what I am used to. To me, a burrito is a large wheat tortilla folded with a lot of love in it and then rolled. The one they served here was the size of a taco and folded over like one. This doesn’t mean it’s not a burrito, I'm just not used to it that way.

Basically, my quest for decent Mexican food in Toronto continues. I hope one day to find that it does exist. The last Mexican grub I had which was very good was at the La Salsa at Los Angeles International Airport. I had their beef nachos and they were fantastic. If an airport eatery can make it happen, so can the fourth largest city in North America. Let's get some great Mexican grub here soon!

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