Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Seafood Depot

Rating: XXX

Imagine an all Italian Ikea and Costco in one!


Seafood Depot
Hours and Location. Check their website

XXXX - Dead Sexy
XXX - Sexy
XX - Not Sexy
X - Frigid

$$$$ - Expensive (over $200 per couple)
$$$- Pretty Expensive ($100-$200 per couple)
$$ - Not Bad (over $50 per couple)
$ - Cheap (not more than $50 per couple)

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The Seafood Depot in Woodbrige, Ontario is like an all Italian Ikea and Costco in one. It’s a wonderful warehouse of fresh and frozen fish, seafood, live lobster and Italian groceries, furniture (not a lot) housewares and giftwares.

It’s the largest Italian grocery I have ever been in. The quality is decent (for the most part) and the prices can be cheap. I was happily surprised to discover this about the Seafood Depot because I came just to purchase a few pounds of frozen Mahi Mahi. I had no idea there was anything else other than seafood at the Seafood Depot. I was so overcome with joy that I bought a terribly cheesy Van Gogh serving dish. It was on a sale for $5 and I love it! I also bought six white cereal bowls (they were three for $1).

However, the frozen Mahi Mahi I purchased to make fish tacos was excellent. The two pounds of fish come in individual vacuum sealed portions. Take out a fillet or two when cooking for your sweetie and keep the rest in the refrigerator for another day.

I highly recommend a visit to the Seafood Depot. I will be a frequent visitor!


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